1. This weekend was full of love, laughter, and celebration. Truly, I spent the entirety of the week surrounded by so much love and kindness & it has left me speechless.

    I began the year with the resolution to re - evaluate my personal relationship with God … my own spiritual walk as a Christian, and halfway through the year as I celebrate another birthday, God’s faithfulness and goodness leaves me in tears. I’ve had many lessons thus far, ways I’ve had to change, pride and beliefs to lay down, and forgiveness to accept. And in it all.. In the absolute blessing of being alive and well to celebrate another birthday, I continue to resolve to remain in God, through work, through school, through travels, through all relationships, and through this blog.

    Cheers to 26 & to the peace, love, and joy that comes through knowing and loving Jesus!!

  3. Topsail Island Beach

  4. Taking it in. Summer 2014.

  6. Hello Toronto!